C1 Wireless Alarm System

C1 Wireless Alarm System

Our C1 wireless alarm system features a long-distance, large capacity, and high sensitivity. It adopts special digital processing chip to manage at most 999 kinds of wireless detectors at the same time. Having a large LED display, our wireless alarm system offers a graphic user's interface thus it is more convenient for you to operate. The latest 100 records can also be queried and displayed.

Technical specifications of C1 wireless alarm system
Power AC 220V±15% 50Hz DC:12V-13.8V Working Current Standby current: ≤130mA Alarm Current:≤800mA
Working Environment -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ Alarm Loudness: ≥100dB within 1m
Wireless Frequency 229Mhz Wireless Receiving Distance 3-10km
Receiver sensitivity ≤0.2uA(12uB) Dial Mode DTMF(Double-tone Multi Frequency)
Resistance ≤300 tile Size(L*W*H) 370*330*150(mm)
Standard packaging of C1 wireless alarm system
Standard Packaging Quantities
Main panel 1pc
Rechargeable storage battery 1pc
White cardboard box 1pc

Once the emergency occurs, our C1 wireless alarm system will print the alarm message on the LED display, and dial the preset phone number and report the alarm in pure English. Our alarm system can also be connected to the computer in alarm center by RS232, and the computer could display the alarm on the E-map and tell you what the alarm type is. Besides, the mini printer can also print the alarm record.

To provide enhanced safety, you can modify the access codes as you wish. Additionally, build-in and external battery is optional, and if the power supply is low, both voice and printing alert will be activated. Those features make our wireless alarm system suitable for enterprise, family, office and police stations.

As an experienced wireless alarm system manufacturer in China, we at the company also provide smoke sensor, inner antenna wireless PIR detector, outdoor wireless repeater, wireless remote controller, among others.

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