E1 Wireless Universal Transceiver

E1 Wireless Universal Transceiver

Our wireless universal transceiver is used to invert the signal of wireless detectors to the wired alarm. It features an automatically learning of wireless detectors, and it can cooperate with alarm panels thus the entire alarm system can be expanded. Our universal transceiver can also be used to connect other alarm devices such as DVR, to realize the video recording of alarm system. With an easy installation and simple operation, this transceiver is widely used in families, office buildings, shopping centers, schools, warehouses and so on.

Technical specifications of wireless universal transceiver
Working voltage DC12V ±25% Current ≥250mA
Wireless frequency 433.92MHz Transmission distance 500m(in open area)
Working temperature -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ Installation Method Wall-mounted
Size(L*W*H) 152*117*32mm

With 4 wired output channels, our wireless universal transceiver can cooperate with up to 9 wireless detectors. Meanwhile, the first and second output channels can be set as smart channels, which can effectively reduce the false alarm rate. The forth output channel of the wireless universal transceiver is in charge of tamper and low power supply report. It could signal the alarm center when detector is interfered or the power supply is low.

Our company is a China-based wireless universal transceiver manufacturer. We provide a vast range of products, including wireless outdoor repeater, inner antenna wireless PIR detector, standalone alarm, wireless magnetic door sensor, among others.

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