Wireless Indoor Siren

Wireless Indoor Siren

Our wireless indoor siren features an 8-digit single chip processor. The user can choose the code of the wireless indoor siren, thus multiple sirens are able to share a common code. Our product enhances the loudness of alarm sound and the alarm light. Meanwhile, the device is equipped with tamper and removal protection, thus it is more convenient and reliable. Compatible with our wireless alarm panels of 433.92MHz, our wireless indoor siren also owns a beautiful appearance, which makes it a good choice to use indoors for families, office buildings, shopping centers, schools, warehouses and so on.

Technical specifications of wireless indoor siren
Standby current ≤10mA Alarm loudness ≥80dB
Transmission distance ≥200m(open area) Frequency 433.92MHz
Size 150*60*50(mm)

As a specialized wireless indoor siren manufacturer in China, the company also offers wireless GSM alarm system, intelligent alarm system, inner antenna wireless PIR detector, wireless remote controller, and more.

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